Our Process

Described Simply…

We do these five things, in this order. We:

1) Show you how to create personalized content that’s appropriate for today’s online buyers
2) Help you write your character-demonstrating stories to build your personal brand
3) Mentor you on how to look and sound great on camera
4) Produce video content for you — that showcases your charisma on camera
5) Get you more business with video media campaign creation and management

In More Detail…

We have a proven methodology that includes:

Strategy and Content Development

With proprietary tools, we work with you identify why you’re good at what you do. And, what your competitive advantages are. This is where all the “real” interviewing happens.

Through this process, we generate a series of creative concepts. We identify how to best position your personal brand and your business — to make prospective customers feel like they know you, like you, trust you and want to do business with you. You get these concepts in writing, ready for shaping into blog posts, news releases and website content.

Your best concepts become scripts to be delivered in person, or on camera. We work together to refine and rehearse your scripts. But, one thing you’ll notice about our work is that none of our clients sound “scripted” when they get on camera. It’s important to note this. Especially because our clients aren’t trained as actors. We love that quite a few national media personalities and experts have commented to us that it’s very difficult to do this as consistently well as we do. They also tell us that nobody does it better. One of our clients who has been interviewed on national TV many times tells us we provide a better on-camera experience than any of the national media interviewers.

But on camera isn’t the only place you’ll use your scripts. They’re equally effective in person. You’ll experience that, as well.

As your content is taking shape, we mentor you on the specifics of posture, head placement, eye contact, voice intonation, pitch variation and smiling while talking. So you develop your best visual presence — in person, on camera and via videoconference. You learn the secrets to being charismatic and likable. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for clothing and makeup.

Mentored Video Content Production

When we produce your video content for you, we use equipment and lighting that makes you glow. But our process on set ensures that your message, with your agenda is achieved. We have processes in place to make sure you get your lines right. And we film in the studio, so we can cut, slate and re-take your lines until you get them just right. Of course, our script supervisor logs everything you say on set — noting which takes are your best ones, so they make it into your final videos.

Video Editing, Review and Re-Editing

In post production, our editors color-correct your video footage and clean your audio recordings so you look, and sound crystal clear in your videos. We’ll even selectively speed up clips to quickly pass over many “ummms,” while silencing them away. So your viewers won’t even know they were there! We also make the review, approval and change request process easy and seamless. When your videos are complete, you’ll agree that our process is what makes the experience the best.

Media Campaign Creation & Management

Now that you have your content, share it! We help with these details, too. We leverage advanced online marketing platforms that include building your own video channel and integrating it with e-marketing and marketing automation. You also get all the reporting to show you the impact you’re making with your media content.